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What's in the Speakers Ecademy Open Space
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The Exchange Forum

Dive into the heart of our community in the Exchange Forum. Here, you can seek advice, engage in discussions, share your latest speech for feedback, and discover resources tailored to enhance your speaking skills. It’s a collaborative space to learn, grow, and connect—just remember, keep it relevant to the world of speaking!

Weekly Wisdom Gatherings

Join us every week for our Weekly Wisdom Gatherings on Zoom. Each session is packed with presentations on important speaking topics—think storytelling finesse, crafting powerful openings, mastering Q&As, and leveraging AI tools. It's an hour of rich insights including a Q&A session, giving you a weekly dose of inspiration and practical advice.

The Knowledge Hub

Explore our Knowledge Hub, a treasure trove of themed content. From insightful articles and podcasts to tutorial videos; everything is designed to hone your speaking prowess. Whether you're looking to brush up on basics or tackle advanced techniques, our content pages are your go-to resource.

TechSavvy Speakers

Stay ahead of the curve with TechSavvy Speakers, our regular tech-focused meetups. From mastering platforms like Zoom and Google Meet to exploring tools like Canva and AttractWell, we cover it all. Guest experts join to demonstrate and discuss the latest in speaking technology, ensuring you’re always connected with the best tools.  

The Review Room

Every month, the Review Room offers a chance to dissect and learn from well-known speeches, including TEDx talks and presentations from within our community. It’s a fantastic opportunity to refine your critical eye and apply these insights to your own speaking style.

The VIP Lounge

Perhaps you need more than our complimentary offerings. Then Check out our exclusive VIP Lounge for deep dives and invest i Courses, Coaching Programmes, Speaker Summits and Meet the Pro Sessions designed to educate and elevate you to your speaking zenith. 

The Speakers Ecademy Open Space
Here in the Speakers Ecademy Open Space, every voice matters, every story counts, and every speech has the potential to resonate long after the applause fades. Get started today on your journey to becoming a speaker who doesn’t just speak, but truly communicates and inspires.

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