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Did you know that 60% of LGBTQ people hide their true selves at work? And at least half of them are looking for a new job. Imagine the innovation, creativity and commitment you're missing out on. 

This Pride Month let Rikki, a trans non-binary speaker, bring some joy and understanding to your workplace and help your team to embrace diversity with dignity and respect.

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LGBTQ-Focused Keynote Speeches
Virtual and In-Room Presentations
Inclusive Keynotes:  Rikki's presentations are a blend of personal anecdotes, rigorous academic research, and a touch of humour, designed to educate and inspire change within organisations. Topics include understanding social identity, clarifying the difference between sex and gender, making sense of trans and non-binary identities, tackling LGBTQ discrimination and harassment and practical steps for fostering an inclusive workplace.

LGBTQ History: For those interested in the roots and evolution of LGBTQ+ rights, Rikki offers detailed sessions that explore significant milestones, from the enactment of the Buggery Act of 1533 to the Stonewall Riots of 1969 and their impact on contemporary practices.

Gender Equality: Drawing on her academic background in gender research and her personal experiences of living as a man, as a women and as neither, Rikki can provide an insightful perspective on gender discrimination and equality.
International Perspective: Working with multinational corporations, Rikki is familiar with presenting across cultures, often with LGBTQ colleagues in countries that are unfriendly to LGBTQ people. 

Enhanced Offerings: In addition to their keynote presentations, Rikki offers workshop presentations and extended Q&A sessions. Perhaps you would like to engage Rikki for more in-depth workshops that provide leaders with actionable strategies for inclusivity. 

The Benefits of LGBTQ Inclusion:
  1. Enhance creativity and problem-solving:  
  2. Attract and retain better talent: 
  3. Improved employee performance: 
  4. Better market competitiveness: 
  5. Ethical leadership: 
  6. Positive workplace culture: 
  7. Enhanced company reputation
  8. Improved profitability

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Virtual and In-Room Presentations

Why is Rikki the right choice for your next event?

Rikki Arundel MSc, PSAE, FPSA, ALAM(Hons)

Rikki Arundel stands as a preeminent keynote speaker and diversity advocate, renowned for their expertise in LGBTQ+ inclusivity, with a focus on transgender and non-binary issues. Their work has directed multinational corporations toward embracing diversity and fostering a culture of belonging, making them an influential figure for LGBT History, Pride, and ERG events.

Combining a robust academic background, including an MSc in Gender Research, with a wealth of personal experience, Rikki’s keynotes bridge historical context with pressing current issues. As the founder of the UK Professional Speaking Association and two times TEDx speaker, they have honed the art of engaging diverse corporate audiences with compelling, actionable narratives.

Speaking Highlights

  • LGBTQ+ Evolution: Rikki delves into the historical journey of the LGBTQ+ community, offering corporate audiences a rich perspective on the path toward equality.
  • Gender Identity Exploration: Through personal anecdotes and professional insights, Rikki demystifies the experiences of transgender and non-binary individuals, advocating for understanding and acceptance.
  • Inclusive Corporate Culture: With practical guidance, Rikki aids organizations in building workplaces where LGBTQ+ employees are celebrated, not just supported.
  • Pride Month Engagements: Rikki’s speeches enrich Pride celebrations, weaving the importance of LGBTQ+ history with a vision for an inclusive future.
  • ERG Development: Rikki partners with ERGs to strengthen their role within organizations, enhancing their impact on corporate inclusivity initiatives.

Award Winning Performance: Rikki’s approach melds emotional resonance with research-driven strategies, earning accolades like the PSAE Speaker Hall of Fame award. Their consultancy work has been pivotal in advancing inclusive policies and contributing to the UK Equalities Act 2010 guidelines.

For Corporate Event Managers, Rikki is more than a speaker; they are a transformative presence, catalysing change in corporate culture. Their sessions are not just about sharing knowledge but about igniting a movement towards a more inclusive corporate world.

Invite Rikki Arundel to your event for an unforgettable experience that will not only enlighten but also empower your organisation to champion a workplace where the full spectrum of LGBTQ+ identities is embraced.
What Rikki's Clients are Saying...

4 Steps to Create an LGBTQ Inclusive Workspace:

Clear Equality Policy - Fairly Enforced

Does your organisation have clear and fairly enforced equality policies that spell out in plain English your inclusion mission and what is and is not acceptable? Are those policies openly supported by senior management? Do you fund and support an LGBTQ employee resource group?  

Be Seen to be Openly LGBTQ Inclusive

Do you encourage openly inclusive behaviour? Do you include LGBTQ people and issues in your marketing and publications?  Do you speak out on LGBTQ issues? Do you support local and international LGBTQ events and celebrations like your local Pride events? 

Provide LGBTQ Awareness and Bias Training

Do you provide mandatory awareness and unconscious bias training?  Do you host lunch and learn sessions and encourage self-education? Do you hire external speakers at your conferences and seminars? Do you encourage an active ERG education programme?

Challenge Discrimination and Harassment

Do you encourage everyone to challenge homophobia, transphobia, sexism and racism? Do you have an active Champions, Allies and Buddies programme to encourage inclusion?  Do you actively prevent favouritism and bias?
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