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Thanks for stopping by to meet our founder, Rikki Arundel, an award-winning speaker, coach and thought leader, ready to inspire you to elevate your speaking. 

From Butlins Redcoat to Global Speaker
Welcome to the heart of the Speakers Ecademy, where passion meets expertise in the art of speaking. Meet Rikki Arundel, the driving force behind our vibrant community, and a beacon of inspiration for anyone eager to transform their speaking abilities and become a thought leader. Rikki's journey from a Butlins Redcoat to a renowned keynote and virtual speaker, trainer, and coach, is a testament to the power of persistence, adaptability, and a deep-seated passion for communication.

Rikki's speaking journey began in the late 1960s, grounded in a foundation of drama and performance. After completing a full-time drama course and working as a Butlins Redcoat, Rikki's path took an unexpected turn into the financial services industry. This detour proved serendipitous, as it provided Rikki with the opportunity to hone their speaking skills, delivering technical training sessions to sales teams. It was here that Rikki discovered the power of translating complex information into engaging presentations, a skill that would become a hallmark of their career.
Throughout the 1980s, Rikki's reputation as an industry speaker grew, marked by headlining at the Barbican conference centre and becoming one of the first Product Managers in the UK Life Insurance industry. This period also saw Rikki delve into Network Marketing, further sharpening their abilities in delivering product demonstrations and sales training.
The 1990s marked a significant shift as Rikki left the corporate world to become a PR and Marketing consultant and professional speaker. As the Technology Guru for the financial services industry, Rikki educated and informed through briefing documents, white papers, press releases, and conferences. This role underscored Rikki's talent for making the technical accessible, a theme that would persist throughout their career.
Rikki also became an active member of Toastmasters International twice winning the UK and Ireland speech evaluation contest establishing their position as a leading speech coach. During this time, they also played a pivotal role in establishing the regional meetings and training services for the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management, helping launch its first Successful Selling Conference. Their expertise led to the publication of two books, "Sell Your Way to Success" and "The ABC of the WWW," cementing their status as a thought leader in Sales and Technology.

The late 1990s saw Rikki's commitment to the speaking profession deepen with the founding of the UK Professional Speaking Association (PSA), inspired by the National Speakers Association (NSA) in the USA. This initiative provided much-needed support for emerging professional speakers in the UK, further solidifying Rikki's legacy in the speaking community.
A pivotal moment in Rikki's life came in 2002 with the decision to come out publicly as transgender. This courageous step, while challenging, redirected Rikki's focus toward gender research and the equality agenda. Completing a master's degree in Gender Research, Rikki became a sought-after speaker on transgender issues, leveraging their speaking skills to raise awareness and educate audiences on the rapidly evolving equality laws.
In 2007, Rikki launched GenderShift, a social enterprise aimed at supporting transgender individuals and providing training and consultancy services. This venture underscored their dedication to fostering inclusivity and equality, even as the political landscape shifted.
The past decade has brought another evolution in their career with the rise of online presentations. Embracing new technologies, Rikki began delivering global online presentations and developing online courses, adapting once again to the changing landscape. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this transition, positioning Rikki as a global online speaker, reaching audiences across the world.

Rikki's achievements have been recognised with prestigious awards, including the PSAE – Professional Speaking Award for Excellence, now known as the Speaker Hall of Fame Award, and the 2024 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Speakers Awards. These honours reflect Rikki's enduring impact on the speaking profession and their commitment to excellence.
Today, as the founder of the Speakers Ecademy, Rikki brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to help others master the art of speaking. The Ecademy offers a range of services, from free resources in the Open Space members area to paid coaching and online courses in the VIP Lounge. Whether you're looking to overcome fear and anxiety in speaking, master storytelling, leverage technology, or develop a successful speaking business, the Speakers Ecademy has something to offer.
Rikki's career is a testament to the belief that anyone can become a powerful speaker with the right guidance and support. Through the Speakers Ecademy, Rikki continues to inspire and empower aspiring speakers to change the world with their words. Join the Ecademy, and let Rikki Arundel help you unlock your full potential as a speaker, thought leader, and change-maker.
In every speech delivered, whether in a conference centre, a trade show, a private home, or an online seminar, Rikki's diverse experiences and deep understanding of different speaking environments shine through. From motivational keynotes to technical presentations, political campaigns, sales pitches, and beyond, Rikki's versatile speaking skills ensure that each message is impactful and memorable.
Rikki Arundel's journey is not just a story of personal and professional success; it's a beacon of hope and inspiration for anyone looking to make a difference through the power of speaking. At the Speakers Ecademy, we're not just teaching you how to speak – we're helping you find your voice, tell your story, and change the world. 
Welcome to a community where your potential is limitless, and your journey to becoming a thought leader begins.
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