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Adapting for Success 
with Vicky O'Farrell - It Starts with You
Disc Profile: Yellow (I) | In this episode of the "It Starts with YOU" podcast, host Vic O'Farrell and guest Rikki Arundel, delve deep into the fascinating world of behaviour and personality styles. 

Rikki shares their remarkable journey of changing their gender, and their profound passion for understanding people and coaching in speaking. With insights from their sales and marketing careers, Rikki discusses the impact of understanding personalities in negotiations, even sharing a personal story of triumph with a tough boss. 

The episode also explores desk organisation as a reflection of personality, the importance of self-awareness in meetings, and the influence of gender on natural career tendencies. This captivating discussion is a must-listen for anyone eager to understand the intricacies of human behaviour and its impact on business and relationships.

Highlighting Minority Isolation
With - Linda Sage
Dive into a thought-provoking conversation on our latest podcast episode with renowned specialist Rikki Arundel as we explore the complex issue of minority isolation, both legally and in society.

Join us as we navigate the intricacies of societal stereotyping and the legal implications for marginalised communities. With Rikki's expertise, we'll uncover strategies for challenging stereotypes and fostering inclusivity in our ever-changing world.

Don't miss this enlightening discussion that promises to inspire positive change and promote greater understanding and acceptance for all.

Becoming a More Inclusive and Welcoming Business

With Melitta Campbell
In this value-packed episode you’ll learn:
  • How to handle or approach people and cultures you don’t understand.
  • A helpful way to make your business truly inclusive.
  • The difference between women and men’s storytelling.
  • Tips for tapping into and utilising both your feminine and masculine attributes.
  • The importance of learning how to speak up without feeling the fear of judgement.
...and so much more!

Interviews where the topic was primarioliy about Public Speaking and the Speaking Business

Speaking about Speaking
With Jackie Goddard
My guest for this LIVE Speaking About Speaking episode is Rikki Arundel. Rikki is a storytelling Expert and Gender Inclusion Speaker, They are the founder of the UK Professional Speaking Association, and help business leaders and professional speakers to use stories to make their presentations more memorable and inspire action. As a non-binary trans person, Rikki uses personal stories and experience to help business leaders to make their organisations more LGBTQ-inclusive and more profitable.
Get Good at Presenting
With - Lee Jackson
Lee speaks to Rikki Arundel co-founder of the Professional Speaking Association and an experienced speech/storytelling expert. Enjoy a fun and relaxed chat with Lee and Rikki, as they talk about how they met, their worst speaking gigs, top on-stage and online performance tips, how to find your real-life stories and how to fill a room when presenting. 

Interviews on LGBTQ Issues
Interviews where the topic is primarily about LGBTQ and especially Transgederm and Non Bibary issues. 
The Challenges of Transitioning
With - Annie McKinnon
I am Annie McKinnon, an authenticity coach, therapist, speaker, writer and podcaster.  If you would like to know more about me, please visit my website  If you would like to get in touch or even be featured on the show, please email me to In this episode, I talk to Rikki Arundel about the challenges of transitioning, what Mae West did for the LGBTQ+ community and more!

The Humanity of Every Individual
With - Judith Germain (The Maverick Paradox)

An award winning speaker and founder of the UK Professional Speaking Association, Judith Germain's guest Rikki Arundle has faced considerable discrimination when they came out as transgender. Today in celebration of LGBQT + History Month they are going to help us explore some of the Maverick Leaders who have helped to change LGBTQ + rights.

They discuss the difficulties employers face with the changes in how society sees and accepts the queer community in the UK. They ponder on the effect of the many LGBQT + celebratory days on other causes.
Listen to this conversation and learn more about LGBTQ + Month, how employers and brands can support the queer community.

Make Your Workplace More LGBTQ Inclusive
With - Sally Foley-Lewis
During the 2023 MIDDLE MANAGERS ONLINE MUSTER, Rikki shared their experiences, the good and the bad, to help middle managers to understand how to make our workplaces more LGBTQ inclusive and; 
  • Understand the challenges facing LGBTQ employees
  • Understand how to personally be more LGBTQ inclusive
  • Understand how to make their organisation/team more LGBTQ inclusive
  • Be comfortable with using preferred pronounsBe comfortable challenging LGBTQ based discrimination and harassment

Interviews Focused on Other Business Issues
Digital Entrepreneur
With Phil Better
In this episode, we have Rikki Arundel from The GenderSpeaker.  

We have a conversation about Becoming a recognized expert in your niche.

Rikki Arundel shares their journey with you so you can start yours today! 

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Always Remember to Invest In Yourself

Phil Better


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