Weekly Wisdom Gathering - Week 2
Join me for the next Speakers Ecademy Weekly Wisdom Gathering. 

Friday 14th June at 16.00 BST (UTC+1)
(11.00 am EDT, 8.00 am PDT, 8.30 pm IST, 1.00 am AEST)
This is the weekly Zoom meeting of the Speakers Ecademy Open Space Community.  Each weekly meeting aims to provide an opportunity to learn new speaking skills, meet with like-minded people who are passionate about speaking and help each other to develop and polish our speaking skills.

Meeting Agenda

  • Introduction and welcome to new members.
  • Presentation - Topic - Finding Your Passion - Each week there will be a presentation on some aspect of speaking. Finding your passion isn't just about what you enjoy; it's about what energises you, challenges you, and ultimately, what you can’t wait to share with others. It's the essential first step in crafting a talk that not only informs but also inspires and ignites.
  • Networking session – Based on the meeting theme - this week exploring and sharing your Passion 
  • Q&A session – Do you need some help with any aspect of your speaking? This will be your chance to ask for help or advice. 
You can ask any questions and the group and I will provide advice and ideas. This is your place to get help from me and the community on any aspect of developing your speaking.
This a weekly chance to make friends and support each other in developing our skills and to build a vibrant community.


There will be replays of the presentation and Q&A sections of these meetings, but not the networking session – So to gain the benefit of meeting with like-minded people you can call on for help and advice it is important to join us live. Click on the link above to add this meeting to your calendar.