The Speakers Ecademy Free Members area is now Open
I’ve been working tirelessly these past couple of months to bring something truly special to life – the all-new website and members area for my Speakers Ecademy, built on the Attractwell platform. After trying Facebook and LinkedIn groups last year without much success (thanks to their limited control over memberships), I’m thrilled to announce a dedicated space where we can truly connect and grow.
Over the next month, I’ll be reaching out to invite all my contacts to join me in this new home at So let me share what you can expect from this exciting community!
Welcome to the Speakers Ecademy Open Space!
This isn’t just another online forum; it’s a vibrant community hub for anyone passionate about the transformative power of speaking. Whether you’re aiming to deliver a show-stopping TEDx talk, inspire your team with a compelling origin story, carve out your niche as a professional speaker, or simply stand out in your career, this is the place to accelerate your journey.
Here’s what’s in store:
The Exchange Forum is where you can seek advice, engage in enriching discussions, share your latest speeches for feedback, and discover resources to enhance your speaking skills. It’s a collaborative space where learning, growth, and connection thrive. Just remember to keep the discussions relevant to the world of speaking!
Weekly Wisdom Gatherings are Zoom sessions filled with valuable presentations on key speaking topics. From mastering storytelling and crafting powerful openings to acing Q&As and leveraging AI tools, these sessions are packed with insights. Plus an engaging networking session and a Q&A segment for you to get and give advice on speaking.
The Knowledge Hub will be a growing treasure trove of speaking content. Whether it’s insightful articles, engaging podcasts, or tutorial videos, the Knowledge Hub will have everything you need to hone your speaking prowess, including content donated by members of the community. Whether you’re brushing up on the basics or tackling advanced techniques, this is your go-to resource.
The Review Room is a monthly zoom meeting and replay library where we will dissect and learn from well-known speeches, including TEDx talks, famous speeches and presentations from our own community. This is a fantastic opportunity to refine your critical eye and apply these insights to your own speaking style.
TechSavvy Speakers is our regular tech-focused meetup and resource area. From mastering platforms like Zoom and Google Meet to exploring tools like Canva and Attractwell, we cover it all. Guest experts join us to demonstrate and discuss the latest in speaking technology, ensuring you’re always equipped with the best tools. This will include a discussion forum, regular online meetings on various platforms, and resource recommendations.
The VIP Lounge is our exclusive paid membership area – Starting out at just $47 per month this area will provide access to a growing library of in-depth content, courses and coaching programs, speaker summits and meet-the-pro sessions designed to propel you to new heights in your speaking career. For those looking to go all-in, our Executive Keynote Coaching Programme will offer an 8-week journey to crafting and delivering a keynote or TEDx speech that truly resonates.
Join Us and Engage! In the Speakers Ecademy Open Space, every voice matters, every story counts, and every speech has the potential to resonate long after the applause fades. Get started today on your journey to becoming a speaker who not only speaks but truly communicates and inspires.
Are you ready to change the world one speech at a time? Step into the Open Space, and let’s make it happen together!
Visit to join now!
Looking forward to seeing you there!


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