Ernesto Sirolli: Want to help someone? Shut up and listen!
Now that I am hosting the Speakers Ecademy here on the Attractwell Platform, I am rewriting and reposting a number of the previous posts on Facebook and LinkedIn to this platform. The format will be a little different due to the technical differences in the platforms - but it will hopefully be a better experience free from ads and the constant changes on the social media platforms. 

Reflecting back on the journey that led me to where I am today, the inception of my social enterprise post-university life in 2007 stands out as a pivotal moment. It was during this time, nestled in the activity-rich Humber region, that my path crossed with numerous like-minded socially-conscious entrepreneurs. This vibrant community wasn't just about business; it was about making meaningful impacts, transforming lives, and perhaps most importantly, learning from one another.

Among the myriad of influences during this formative period, one name in particular left an indelible mark on me - Ernesto Sirolli. For those unfamiliar, Ernesto is a beacon of hope in the realm of social entrepreneurship. Having assisted over 50,000 social entrepreneurs in nurturing their dreams into tangible realities, especially in the most impoverished neighbourhoods across the globe, his approach is genuinely revolutionary. Ernesto embodies the epitome of a servant leader, prioritizing active listening over prescriptive advice, and empowering individuals to find and follow their paths to success.

About a decade ago, Ernesto shared his insights on a global stage through a TEDx talk. This wasn't just any presentation; it was a manifesto for positive change, encapsulating the true spirit of his work. Despite the years that have passed, the talk remains a beacon of inspiration, its messages timeless and its lessons profound.

In my 50s, embarking on the journey of a mature university student and subsequently, a social entrepreneur, this talk resonated with me on a personal level. It reminded me that impactful speaking goes beyond the mere dissemination of information; it's about connection, about sparking a change in the listener's heart and mind. Ernesto's talk exemplified this beautifully, changing the world one word at a time.

As I encourage you to revisit or discover Ernesto's TEDx talk, I invite you to engage in a dual exercise of reflection. Firstly, identify a singular, powerful element in his speech that you could incorporate into your own presentations or interactions to amplify your impact. Simultaneously, consider one aspect that, if tweaked or improved, could have elevated his already compelling message to new heights.

This practice isn't merely an academic exercise but a strategic tool for enhancing our own communication skills, ensuring that when we speak or present, we do so not just to inform, but to inspire and ignite change. As you absorb the eloquence and wisdom of Ernesto's delivery, let it serve as a guiding light for your own journey, reminding you that the most profound changes often begin with a simple act of listening, understanding, and sincerely engaging with the dreams of others.


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